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She is my boss and always in wintertime she got massive startup problems with her old rusty Volkswagen Golf. The engine dies very often, the battery is old and always at the last moment she gets it started, but only for a little while, until it dies again and again.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Weak Battery | Nylons | HighHeels | Boots


   21 € btn download  180 Coins

Enjoy some nice adventures of a young student girl with an old Nissan March car. This rusty car makes a lot of trouble to her, but she never gives up.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Stalling | Driving | Nylons | HighHeels | Boots


   23 € btn download  200 Coins

Female students in old cars are always an attraction, especially when the engine is stubborn and difficult to start. She has her tricks to get the old Fiat500 up and running. But today it is very difficult. Much pedal pumping and long cranking is required.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Stalling | Exhaust | Nylons | HighHeels


   18 € btn download  180 Coins

Jenny McClain and Susanna wanna go to a party tonight. At a fuelstation the old Opel Manta won't start again. The trouble begins... enjoy a nice adventure with 2 girls in distress at several places.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | 2 Girls | HighHeels | Latex Jacket


   20 € btn download  180 Coins

She's a tough girl because she drives one of the most stubborn cars you can imagine. Today she has to go to training. But as expected, the engine is causing problems. Endless cranking ... will she win this fight?

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Stalling | Nylons | HighHeels


   24 € btn download  200 Coins

She wakes up in the morning and has only one thought: "Will my car start this morning?". She has an important appointment and is very nervous ... and always this fear: "Will my car start this morning?"

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Stalling | Exhaust | Nylons | HighHeels


   18 € btn download  160 Coins

It is an everyday problem in front of our school building. The teacher has starting problems with her old Mazda 323. And she is particularly embarrassed when we students watch her cranking. But in the end we have to help. Push start! Will we succeed?

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Pushstart | Nylons | Leather Boots | fullHD


   20 € btn download  180 Coins

A young teacher with massive starting problems ... that's the most common reason she's late. This evening is parents' meeting in school. In no case she can be late. So she wants to warm up the engine right in time. But the old Mazda 323 is stubborn.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Exhaust | Nylons | HighHeels | fullHD


   16 € btn download  150 Coins

Another early morning with massive problems. The air is humid, it has rained and the engine is stubborn and just won't start. But the young teacher does not give up. She tries again and again, she pumps the pedal and never gives up cranking her old Mazda 323.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Revving | Exhaust | HighHeels | fullHD


   22 € btn download  200 Coins

The young student girl is on her way home from university. Suddenly, in the middle of a village street, the old Citroen BX breaks down. She tries to get the rusty engine running again. The battery is very weak. But help is near. Several gentlemen from the village want to push her. So the disaster begins.

Pedalpumping | Cranking | Pushstart | Weak Battery | Nylons | HighHeels | fullHD


   18 € btn download   180 Coins

Today must feel like a spa day for the run down old Peugeot. The car has had some fresh petrol, It’s had a nice wash by hand and now I’m working on inflating it’s flat tire with a single barrel foot pump. My old, well used converse are wet and dirty from cleaning the car. After all this love and attention, the car starts up with a lot of black smoke coming out of the exhaust but soon the idle slows down and the engine cuts out. After playing with the gas pedal with my wet sneakers and fiddling with the choke, I’ find myself begging this car to start up and run for me!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Wet Sneakers / Flat Tire / Foot Pump / Peugeot 205 / fullHD



   16 € btn download   160 Coins

Time for another attempt to get the old mini fired up and running, I'm desperate to take this car on a little drive! It's had a little tweaking and I'm really hoping this is the day :-) The car gives me a little bit of hope, showing signs of life and sounded really close to starting, so I give it all I've got. I crank the engine over and over, while pumping the gas pedal in different ways with my bare feet and sheer nylon tights. The cranking gets slower, the battery gets weaker but I keep going until the very end...

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Nylons / Mini Cooper / fullHD



   12 € btn download   120 Coins

So finally the old Rover 220 Tomcat is back with some new paint and this classic British car is looking fabulous! Paintwork aside, it’s had something new fitted that makes my hair stand on end and my face ache from smiling, this car has become a dream and I’m about to show you why! Hint - It involves lots of revving!!

Pedal Pumping / Revving / Rover 220 / fullHD



   21 € btn download  160 Coins

Erika is on her way to a business meeting. But after a short time it becomes clear that she will not appear right in time, because the old car is stubborn. The engine is difficult to bring to life and keeps failing again and again. Will she make it in the end?

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / fullHD


   25 € btn download  180 Coins

She works as a secretary in a large factory. She always takes the company car for small errands. But this old Citroen Visa C15 is very stubborn. Starting the engine is time consuming, hard work. Pedal pumping and cranking helps, but she has to do it vigorously.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / Nylons / Highheels / fullHD


   24 €

btn download  180 Coins

Sierra is desperate. She tries hard and pumps the pedal over and over, but the stubborn old Frenchman just spits rattling noises. On this lonely country road the car won't start up easy. Sierra's feet hurt and it seems like they still have a long way to go.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Choke / Revving / Stalling / Nylons / HighHeels / Smoking / fullHD


   26 €

btn download  200 Coins

She's a really hot blooded girl and she just got her driver's license. But the rusty old French car is stubborn. The driving instructor gave her a hint: "pull the choke and then pump the pedal, as hard and hard as you can". Will it help her to get the car started?

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Choke / Revving / Stalling / Nylons / HighHeels / fullHD


   28 € btn download  220 Coins

Cora is a pretty young nurse. She is in hurry to get to work, but her old car wont start. The engine just sputters and shoots from exhaust. She doesn't give up and she cranks and pumps like there is no tomorrow. Will she get the old "Mercedes A" started or not?

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / Nylons / Highheels / fullHD


   28 € btn download  220 Coins

What a shitty day. At first the Citroen 2CV does not start in the morning. Then the Duck won't start at noon and the same procedure again in the afternoon. Cranking without ending, again and again, it is so desperate.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / Barefoot / Citroen 2CV / fullHD


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She is still lost in the woods, stranded on a lonely road with a stubborn car, which won't start up again. But she is a tough girl and she never gives up. So she begins to pump the pedal and cranks it as good as she can. She revvs it, and she finally drives it, but the engine dies again. Will she get it back to live once again?

Pedal Pumping | Cranking | Revving | Stalling | Smoking | High Heels | Pumps

Starring: Evy
Vehicle: Skoda 110
Length: 21 minutes

   25 € btn download  180 Coins

Is it a Pedalpumping cat? Yes, this cute little cat enjoys, while her lady is cranking the big old stubborn Renault 25 car.

Pedal Pumping | Cranking | Revving | Gear Grinding | Stalling | Exhaust | High Heels | Barefoot

Starring: Stefanie
Vehicle: Renault 25
Length: 18 minutes

   18 € btn download  180 Coins

It's a very bad day for her. She is stranded with that old stubborn Trabant and the engine is hard to start up. Sometimes it runs, but dies again and again.

Pedal Pumping | Cranking | Revving | High Heels | Pumps

Starring: Claudia
Vehicle: Trabant 1.1
Length: 14 minutes

   28 € btn download  230 Coins

Cranking with mom is always a disaster. Sit next to her in the passenger seat and enjoy how she struggles with the stubborn flooded engine. It's especially hard today, because dad is always angry when she torments the starter too often. That's why she's afraid he'll catch her. So she is under massive stress to bring that old Fiat126 back to life.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Choke / Revving / Stalling / Barefoot / POV / fullHD


   25 € btn download  200 Coins

It's supposed to be a hot afternoon. She wants to go swimming after work. But already in the parking garage there are massive starting problems. She pumps the pedals and cranks the engine over and over again. She is wearing hot pants and a fantastic top.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / fullHD


   18 € btn download  150 Coins

She finishes work and wants to go shopping. But the big worries already begin in the parking garage. The car has starting problems again. If she manages to bring the engine to life, then she has to fight hard to keep the engine from dying again. She wears very short pants and fantastic high heel pumps.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / HighHeels / fullHD


   23 € btn download  180 Coins

She visited an environmental research institute in the mountains. Later, on the way home, her old car suddenly causes massive problems. The old Ford Fiesta engine won't start. She is very embarrassed. Little does she know that it will take much longer. But it won't be easy. She tries long hard cranking and pedal pumping.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / HighHeels / Nylons / Barefoot in Nylons / fullHD


   28 € btn download  220 Coins

Every morning is a disaster, when she wants to drive to work in her old Fiat500. The whole village is awake when she starts cranking hard on the starter. But despite many attempts at pedal pumping, the old engine takes an eternity to come to life.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / HighHeels / fullHD


   25 € btn download  200 Coins

She is a cute young lady, working as a waitress. But she is akways late at work. You wanna know why? So watch her first Cranking adventure now.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Exhaust / VW Beetle / fullHD


   25 € btn download  200 Coins

She is a cute young lady, working as a waitress. But she is akways late at work. You wanna know why? So watch her 2nd. Cranking adventure now.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Exhaust / Asscrack / VW Beetle / fullHD


   27 € btn download  220 Coins

She is a young schoolgirl and drives this old Fiat126 car. The old stubborn engine requires long action with choke and pedal pumping every day. But she never gives up! Because she got no alternative to drive to school.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Reving / Stalling / Pushing / fullHD


   25 € btn download  220 Coins

She wanna drive to the supermarket, but her old Fiat 500 is very hard to start up. She already know that procedure, so she tries it again and again. She wears nice glossy High Heels and very short jeans Hotpants.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / HighHeels / Fiat500 / fullHD


   28 € btn download  230 Coins

She is a young studentgirl and drives such an old car. The old stubborn engine requires special treatment with choke and pedal pumping every time. But why doesn't she give up? Why does she love this old vehicle so much? Find out and enjoy a new adventure with Kathy in her Trabant 601.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Choke / Stalling / HighHeels / fullHD


   25 € btn download  180 Coins

She finishes the working day, she is looking forward to go for a shopping tour ... but suddenly those big problems. The old VW Polo really doesn't want to start up easily. It will be an endless battle with pedal pumping and cranking - with and without shoes.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Nylons / HighHeels / Feetplay / fullHD


   12 € btn download   120 Coins

It's been raining for what seems like forever, so much so that I've not yet had chance to show off another new addition! I take advantage of an early morning gap in the rain to have a little play but the old Rover 220 Turbo isn't having any of it, I know the engine is fine so after a little while cranking the car, I put it down to it being so cold and return to the car once it's warmed up a little. Sure enough the car doesn't let me down! The noises it makes bring such a smile to my face!! When you put your foot down on this gas pedal you can feel the rumble all the way through through the cars body into mine! In love!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / 4K



   16 € btn download   160 Coins

I've always wanted to play around with an old, classic car and it doesn't get much better than this! I'm so excited! It's an Austin Mini 1000 De Luxe from 1970. Never have I even seen a car of this age, let alone been in the drivers seat! Everything looks so retro and cool! I've also never tried to get a car of this age fired up after standing for a long time.... here goes!!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Mini Cooper / 4K



   12 € btn download   120 Coins

Another cold, wet & rainy winters day, I'm feeling lazy and would rather be staying at home today and it looks like the BMW too! I shove my coat onto the back seats, climb in the car and wipe the rain from my face, I'm soaked, my boots are wet and now it looks like the car isn't enjoying this weather either. The engine turns over lazily when cranked and it doesn't sound good from the get go. I try pumping the gas pedal but the more I try to start the car, the flatter the battery gets...

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Weak Battery / 4K



   27 € btn download   200 Coins

I watch my neighbor lady every morning, especially when she has starting problems with her old car again. But today it is really very difficult. She needs heavy cranking and pedal pumping. She manages, a few times, to bring the engine to life, then she does ultra hard revving, but the engine dies again. It starts all over again and again.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / HighHeels / Feetplay / Smoking / fullHD


   15 €

   150 Coins

PedalPumping Deluxe "Call a Taxi"
Enjoy High Quality Video production mady by ppdlx.com

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / 2 Ladies / fullHD




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My secretary Bella has to go to an appointment with a partner company. However, she has massive coldstart problems with the old Citroen Visa C15. When she notices that I'm watching her do it, she gets a little nervous. But she continues. She does hard cranking and pedal pumping - just for me and I enjoy it.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Coldstart / Weak Battery / HighHeels / fullHD


   27 € btn download   200 Coins

How could she expect this old Citroen to be easy to start? She has to pick something up from a company for her boss. But the old Citroen Visa C15 is stubborn. Enormous pedal pumping and cranking is now required. She gets nervous, but she doesn't give up.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Stalling / High Heels / fullHD


   25 € btn download   180 Coins

When young women struggle with an old car, they are usually starting problems. Cold start in winter. Cranking on the way home. But young women don't give up so easily. Damsels are squeezing the starter battery until the last sign of life.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Weak Battery / Nylons / High Heels / fullHD


   26 € btn download   200 Coins

She loves wearing her leather pants so much while driving a car... This feeling is indescribable. But if the engine doesn't want to start, it gets all the nicer. Pedal pumping in leather pants is a great experience. Secretly watch her fight with the old VW Polo engine!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / High Heels / Barefoot in Nylons / fullHD


   16 € btn download   160 Coins

It’s a wet and rainy day, so your mum has asked me to pick you up today before looking after you for the rest of the day. I’ve been sat waiting for ages for you and I’m not in the best of moods now, it’s a joke that you think you’re riding up front with me, get in the back seat! The car is struggling to start, I bet you it’s because it’s been sat outside in the freezing rain for so long, it’s all your fault! All this time trying to get the car started, you know this is cutting into your TV time, don’t you? Looks like it’s all homework for you tonight.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Point-Of-View / fullHD



   16 € btn download   160 Coins

This video is GENUINE! Anyone who can offer me any insight into this via email, I would GREATLY appreciate it! Okay, so I get a few emails asking for true, candid cold start videos when I move my cars around or start them up after a while. Finally today I remembered to capture behind the scenes of preparing for a clip I had planned out. What I caught on camera really was not expected and quite bizarre, the R5 literally has me stumped with it’s behaviour and in all this time I’ve been playing with cars, I’ve never experienced anything like it. The gas pedal is doing strange things, I’m having trouble starting it, it’s spluttering all over the place and when it does briefly fire up the car is idling rough.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / fullHD



   20 € btn download   200 Coins

Every now and then, I do a video that I am really proud of, this is one of them!I can't really write down a description that I feel would do this video justice and it contains SO much, I fear I would miss something out. Briefly this clip contains rain, sun, driving, stalling (seems the weather nor the car could make it's mind up!) boots, barefoot with sheer tights, pedal pumping, many footwell shots, desperation, pleading, running rough, stalling, aggressive stalling, out of petrol, stranded, foot massage, revving, suspected flooded, choke play and some more really aggressive stalling!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / Choke / Fiat Uno



   15 € btn download   150 Coins

It looks like it's time for some genuine car troubles of my own, although this is something like I have never experienced before, problems just seem to keep coming. First of all I am really unnerved a how low the battery sounds, there was no issue with the battery before but right from the start, the car turns over very slowly. The car is also very difficult to start, it takes a lot of pumping the pedal and many tries cranking it, despite it having a full tank of gas. Finally I manage to get the car started but its immediately obvious there is a serious problem with the car, I take a look under the bonnet but I'm really concerned. The engine, no longer able to cope cuts out and while trying to get it restarted the battery grows weaker and weaker.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Weak Battery / fullHD



   22 € btn download   220 Coins

Janina is late again. She has trouble with her old Renault again. Cranking, Pedalpumping... an everyday workout for a young college girl with old stubborn car.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / High Heels / Stalling / fullHD


   25 € btn download   250 Coins

Janina is already late this morning. Neverending cranking attempts and she don't want to give up. She tries it again and again with pumping and cranking. A half hour cranking concert with a cute college girl is waiting for you.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Stalling / High Heel Boots / High Heel Mules / fullHD


   15 €    150 Coins

Denise, a professional personal trainer, will start again the work shifts on the gym where she usually works. In order to be ready, she recharged the battery but, as she knows her car and her characteristics after it is so long stopped outside; she needs some attentions in order the engine to start again. Everything looks like to be fine, but nothing will be easy with the Fiat 126…! Denise is not sure about the car, so she decides to call her friend Ivette. In the next episode we will give a look if Denise was right or not to be doubtful about her car.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / High Heels / fullHD



   12 € btn download   120 Coins

My friend's left her car at my house, apparently it has some kind of issue and it's not drivable, so she's left it here until she can get it into a workshop. I've never been in the drivers seat of something so big, so I can't resist myself but to have a little play with it ;-) I manage to fire the car up and it seems fine to me! The big engine sounds so good and I get a little carried away giving it a good revving!

Pedal Pumping / Revving / Boots / fullHD