She is my cute sister and she drives an old stubborn VW Golf mkII. Always cranking in the morning. But it is a joy to sit next to her and watch her struggling with the car.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / High Heels / 10 minutes / fullHD

  120 Coins  

If a young lady drives a Youngtimer, then she must really love her car. This VW Golf II is bucking and stalling and it is hard to start up. She pumps the pedal intensive, but it won't turn over most the time.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Stalling / Revving / High Heels / barefoot / 17 minutes / fullHD

  150 Coins  

She bought new High Heels in the shopping center. When she enters the car, she tries them out, but whats that? The engine won't start! She begins to pump the pedal but it just sputters and cranks. Is it because of the new shoes? She pumps it now barefoot, but...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / High Heels / barefoot / 14 minutes / fullHD

  130 Coins  

She called me to spend the afternoon with her. I meet her in town and we are about to start, but her car got other plans. The old engine won't startup for a moment. I really love to watch her struggling with that old VW Golf 2.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / High Heels / 8 minutes / fullHD

  100 Coins  

She is the perfect girl... and she drives the perfect car for cranking trouble: an old stubborn VW Golf. Enjoy a short cranking adventure with a cool blonde lady struggling with her car.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / High Heels / 6 minutes / fullHD / 40 Coins

  70 Coins  

She is my new colleague at the restaurant. She got a fresh driving license, but not so fresh car, which is to be honest, very stubborn. We want to buy some goods for the restaurant kitchen, but she is nervous. Grinding gears, stalling and a lot of cranking and revving...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Geargrinding / Stalling / POV / 13 minutes / fullHD

  150 Coins  

She picks me up at home. We have to be at work in 20 minutes, but she still has trouble with her Alfa Romeo. She wears very high platform highheels, what is a high risk for a beginner with fresh license. Anyway she got startup trouble... and when she finally get it, then she revs it just for me, but can we really trust that car? Or should i better call a Taxi?...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / POV / 12 minutes / fullHD

  120 Coins  

A casual driving clip shot in a few views including footwell, close ups on the pedals, passenger seat and a little self shot foot well view. Heading out to the shops I decide to take you with me, something different for a change, and film myself driving my manual transmission car. A nice light hearted casual genuine clip :-)

Driving / Pedalpumping / manual Stick / Boots / POV / 13 minutes / HD

  130 Coins  

After a wrong turn, it's time to admit I've gone the wrong way, turn around and head back in the direction I came. Doing a 3 point turn is not easy when the car keeps stalling, after 3 or 4 stalls, the MGF does not start back up again. After cranking it a few times I get out to see where I am - in the middle of no where! I get back in the car and try cranking it some more, pumping the gas pedal and turning the key, making it crank and turn over for longer and longer each time.
The battery on my phone is flat and the battery on the car is running out, two flat batteries! Time passes and I quickly realise I'm really stranded, no one knows where I am, I can't contact any one and the car is dead. My frustration quickly turns to desperation and tears...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Wedge Platform / Crying / Flat Battery / 15 minutes / HD

  150 Coins  

"Oops, don't worry about the shoes every where, just put them on the floor and move them out the of the way. I can only drive in these flip flops, so I always just throw my high heels into the footwell!'' Well now you can see why I can only drive in flip flops, the uno requires alot of heavy pedal pumping to get the car started. She's taking longer than usual to fire up today, it doesn't help that the choke doesn't work. The car has usually started by now.... . ''No I don't want to walk!! Just shut up and let me concentrate or else we won't be going anywhere.'' The car spins over and over, cranking, holding the key down longer, pumping harder but the battery is only getting weaker. Its a moment of pure desperation as I fight to hold the tears back and get the uno started before time runs out and the battery runs flat.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Crying / Flat Battery / 18 minutes / HD

  200 Coins  

She just stopped for the letterbox next the road, but now her car won't start again. We are blocking the road. There is medium traffic, a few cars have to drive around, but it's a bit embarrassing. While she cranks and pumps, the engine only sputters, but doesn't really fire up. She's got a really stubborn Alfa Romeo.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Stalling / POV / 13 minutes / fullHD

  120 Coins  


Going in town for a coffee could be so easy, but not with my pretty colleague. She's got a fresh license and she's got always startup problems with her old Alfa-Romeo. The engine runs very poor and it dies again and again...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Stalling / POV / 11 minutes / fullHD

  100 Coins  

She got very beautiful open sandals, but can she start a car with them? She got her driving license since a week now, but she is more busy with cranking than with driving. I enjoy it. She is a highlight in the streets, people are watching her.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / POV / 8 minutes / fullHD

  80 Coins  

Hi, this is my first clip about my rusty old Ford Fiesta. I crank it, i revv it and i punish it with my high heel leather boots. Hope you enjoy it. Laura

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / Exhaust / High Heel Boots / 11 minutes / SD

  100 Coins  

I hate doing these night time appointments, especially when the house is right out in the middle of no where! It looks like Im here before the clients, so I help myself to entering the property while I leave the car running. While I am in the house, you witness the car stalling and spluttering as the engine stops for no reason. When I return, the car will not start atall! It's very late, I shouldn't even be working now but it looks like I have a fight on my hands to get the car started and leave to go back to civilisation. I think the car however has other plans as it begins to crank slower, the lights dim and the battery begins to go flat...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Leather Heels / Stilettos / Lights Dimming / Flat Battery / High Beam / 21 minutes / HD

    200 Coins  

She is lost in the forest. There seem to be a hundred little roads like a labyrinth. The engine sometimes stalls and the engine doesn't start up very well. Enjoy a ride through narrow paths. After another turn she gets stuck... but thats another adventure you can find in the movie "Deeper and Deeper".

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Driving / 13 minutes / fullHD

  120 Coins  

So I began to film someones custom video, after a few minutes I begin to think the battery may me faulty and does not have much power. I continue to crank the car, unsure if the problem is with the battery or the starter motor... The Vectra cranks slow but the battery does not go flat, the slow cranking sounds like it is about to! I think the car has had too many problems with not starting and the start motor is beginning to give up...

Slow Cranking / Pedalpumping / Genuine Troubles / Flat Battery / 9:41 minutes / HD

    100 Coins  

The Mercedes 300E has been a pain in my neck since I got it! It barely ever starts first time for me anymore. Nipping out quickly with bare feet, I'm not surprised when the car does not fire up first time. I try a few more times before pumping the gas with my bare foot, working my toes and sole over the large pedal. It's all fun and games until the cranking begins to slow and I realise my time is limited before the battery goes flat!

Cranking / Pedalpumping / Barefoot / Flat Battery / 8:28 minutes / HD

    100 Coins  


I met her in my university library. She is working there for a full time job. And she asked me for a date. Why not. She is busty and intelligent, but she can't handle her big old car. This Audi 80 is a stubborn crap, always stalling and hard to start up. After work she picks me up and i get a great cranking afternoon with her.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / POV / 13 minutes / fullHD

  120 Coins  

I met her in my university library. Our first date was a cranking date, but today we want to drive to theatre. She is nervous, i can feel it, she stalls the car as often as she can. All this ends in a cranking session in the middle of the road. Isn't she cute, my little lovely nerd girl?

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / POV / 14 minutes / fullHD

  120 Coins  

The little Toyota Yaris has been away on loan for what feels like a lifetime! Today I got the call that my friend has brought her home and left the keys on the dash for me! Super exited I run out to the car, check it over and express my joy to have the little car back in my possession. I decide to take her out for a spin on the roads to see if she still drives as good as I remember, however she never really starts first time anymore, but thats okay... I know all the little tricks to get her started!!. Eventually the engine fires to life and after a little light revving, it's time to take to the roads!

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Light Revving / Wedge Sandals / 8:28 minutes / HD

    100 Coins  

It's far too early in the morning for me. I put on my thigh high platform leather boots and its off to wake my car up too... turns out - it's too early for the car also! The vectra starts up after a little cranking and I rev it to keep it alive, however mid rev; the car cuts out and stalls. I take off my boots and try pumping the pedal barefoot to get it started. It starts up again after abit of a fight and I punish the car with my heavy right foot, revving the engine hard, red lining the car and making it scream by bouncing off the limiter!

Pedalpumping / Hard Revving / Redline / Thigh High Boots / Barefoot / Limiter Bounce / 11 minutes / HD

    120 Coins  

This video is half leg, foot flexing, leg crossing then half leg flexing and pedal pumping while cranking from the ankle and calves. Sat at the table Im looking over some diagrams before heading to work. I cross and uncross my legs and repeatedly point my toes. I spot the time and realise Im running behind! I get into the car and knowing its usually hard to start, I give it lots of pumping priming before cranking it over. As time goes by my pedal pumping gets firmer and faster, so you can hear the pedal hitting the floor.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Leg Focussed/ High Heels / 11 minutes / HD

    100 Coins  


She is a salesgirl at the weekly market in our village. In the afternoon when sales are over, she was the last one. Because her VW Golf won't start. After a while she gave up, but she came back again to try once more...

Cranking / 3 minutes / HD

    50 Coins  


Cargirls episode 87 - it is summer in the city and she had to bring some books into university. When she came back to her old Audi80, it becomes a troublemaker. There must be something wrong with the ignition. Sometimes it doesn't start, sometimes it starts, but dies again. Also revving might only help for a moment, but it dies again.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / POV / 9:32 minutes / fullHD

  99 Coins  


Cargirls episode 88 - This morning is very special. She invited me to drive with her to work. I await her already down at the parking. She is late and we must hurry. But her old Audi is really stubborn now and she gets nervous soon. The more she tries to start teh engine, the weaker the battery goes...

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / POV / 9:00 minutes / fullHD

  99 Coins  


Cargirls episode 89 - Today is a wonderful day, she has a good mood and is cheerful. She is wearing a pretty summer dress. Unfortunately, the car has once again in a bad mood. Stubborn and unstartable, like always. But I enjoy these moments and i enjoy to watch her crank and pump.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / POV / 10:12 minutes / fullHD

  99 Coins  


Me and my sister were on the way to a shooting for the clip "Stucking Cold Winter". On the way back home suddenly a big bang came from the engine and it began to smell like burning. We stopped and my sister filmed the startup trouble after that breakdown.

Cranking / Driving / PedalPumping / 5 minutes / HD

    40 Coins  

During a cold morning in December, Sveva, who has a day off, wants to try to start again the Fiat 126 of his grandmother after long time it was stopped in the box. Sveva is unlucky and without experience. Considering the coming snowfall, she is going to try to start the car further. Will be more lucky?

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Fiat126 / 5 minutes / fullHD

    90 Coins  

It's a blisteringly hot day, I hope into the 3 series BMW to go out but first, I warm it up so the air con runs cold. I rev it lightly while wearing my summer peep toe red heels before slipping my shoes off and working the pedals barefoot. The revving slowly builds and I rev it more and more before checking to see if the A/C is cool.

Revving / Barefoot / 6 minutes / HD

    90 Coins  


Hi, i am Claudia, and this is my very first cranking/pedalpumping videoclip. I drive an old, but very rare car, a Rapid 135. I love it, but the engine is stubborn very often. It starts only, when i use the choke, but mostly it dies again. This video i made, when i was stranded again in the rain.

PedalPumping / Cranking / Revving / 26 minutes / fullHD

  230 Coins  

It can be really hard work sharing a car, the seat and mirrors are never how I left them. I don't know who used the car last, but I can probably guess because now it will not start! I have no shoes on but I still pump the pedal while cranking barefoot trying to get the engine to start.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Barefoot / 8 minutes / HD

  100 Coins    

Returning to the car after an audition that didnt go so well, I think nothing of it when the car doesnt start, I do however think something of the noises it makes! The engine splutters and cranks every turn of the key. Slowly, pumping the gas pedal more and more seems to make a little difference and eventually - after abit of a fight - the car fires up. It is horribly mis-firing though, the car is running really rough and boggy, I rev it while the engine hesitates but eventually decide to try and drive it anyway!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / 10 minutes / HD

  120 Coins    

The weather is better after some days and Sveva is trying to start her small car again. But after a lot of snowfall and the frozen temperature, she is not sure that she can do it...
If she can't do either this time, she is going to call her neighbour Sonia to get helped.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Fiat126 / 5 minutes / fullHD

  90 Coins    


I'm on the way home from the gym, Ive kicked off my trainers after a long hard workout and just have my white socks left on my feet. The camera is mostly on the footwell as I drive home in the E46 Manual transmission BMW.

Pedal Pumping / Driving / Barefoot in Socks/ 8 minutes / HD

  100 Coins    

"Hey, It's me! Well, of course you can see its me! I know you're working but I think I need some help here..'' My MGF won't start after work, its cranking, spluttering, starting then stalling and I have no idea why this is happening! I follow your instructions to pump the pedal a little before turning the key and while cranking but it seems to make no difference. The car just splutters more violently trying it's hardest to start and teasing me!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Stalling / Spluttering / 8:42 minutes / HD

  100 Coins    


Wearing a new pair of really high stripper like wedge heels with freshly painted sexy bright red toenails, I'm dolled up and ready to hit the town. Although the old banger fiat uno seems to have other ideas for me. This clip is filmed almost totally in the footwells, however I do make an attempt at playing with the choke to help get the car started, of course all while pumping the pedal. Although it seems me new shoes are slipping a little on the pedal while pumping firmly resulting it squeaking shoes!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Choke / 6:42 minutes / HD

  100 Coins    


''You here to view my car for sale? You're early! Ive not had chance to clean it or do anything! I wanted to check she started okay as it's been sat for a long long time!'' We hop into the banger fiat uno and I tell you how usually the car needs its pedals pumped usually to get it started, she is old you know! The car splutters and nearly fires, so I show you where the choke is and how to use it. After the engine cutting out a dew times and the car stalling we are finally on our way for a test drive. All is going well until the car stalls at a turning and I'm struggling to get the car fired up again, it spits and splutters, sometimes firing up, just to go off again. We're in the middle of nowhere with both our phones at my house, things don't look good...

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Choke / Stalling / Spluttering / Driving / 20 minutes / HD

  180 Coins    

Wearing huge platform stripper iron heels, I slowly get into the uno and place one leg onto the passenger seat and play with my heel while pumping the pedal with my other foot. I toy with my sexy shoes throughout all this video while begging and quietly pleading with the banger car to start up for me. Must have for any leg and shoe loving pedal pumping fans! :-)

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Platform Heels / Car Tease / 15 minutes / HD

  150 Coins    

She finishs work after a hard day in the office. She wears high heeled pumps and her feet hurt ... but there comes an extra workout for her feet: Pedal Pumping ! It is absolutely necessary to have a chance to startup the old Fiat 500 car. Enjoy her almost half hour in trouble on her way home.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / High Heels / 29 minutes / fullHD

  280 Coins  

Watch 2 episodes in one Movie. She is a famous Topmodel, and she drives real classic car. It looks nice, but it isn't nice to crank. Always trouble, every day. She tries it with pedal pumping and good revving, but mostly without success. Watch 2 nice adventures with Fiat x1/9 Bertone, a 1972 italian stubborn classic.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Stalling / 24 minutes / fullHD

  220 Coins  

After twice fails, Sveva decides to leave the car key to her neighbour Sonia. Thank God, Sonia can start her small car (but with difficult times!).

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / 9 minutes / fullHD

  90 Coins    

Every sunday she is riding her horse. She loves it, but she is always afraid about the way back home. Usually her car has cranking trouble every day, and it starts up after a while. But today the engine dies again at the lonely road. She is very nervous, gets into distress very soon and after countless cranking attempts she also gets stuck. It's a real disaster. Will she ever get back home?

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Stuck / 33 minutes / fullHD

  250 Coins  

I'm cutting it fine for time already. my gym class starts soon so I really need to get a move on! I clamber into the E46 BMW, get settled and start the car - only trouble is, it doesnt start up! It cranks over and over but just does not fire up! I try pumping the gas pedal with my new nike sneakers. When it looks like I wont be making it to my class on time things take a turn for the better.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Sneakers / 6 minutes / HD

  100 Coins    

A real leg workout is about to take place in getting this little automatic started and running correctly! I get into the car, dressed to turn heads in a tight little black dress and open toe sandals, after a few attempts cranking the car to get it started I change my shoes into a smarter pair of leather pointed toe pump heels. I try different ways pumping the pedal, firm, hard, slow, fast, holding the pedal down and mixing them all together. After a while the car starts but is a little boggy so workout 2 begins for a nice revving session!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Revving / 14 minutes / HD

  150 Coins    

What an unsuccessful start to the day! Start problems without end. Mom's old rusty Fiat 600 runs very badly and always dies. The only solution is excessive pedal pumping.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Gear grind / Startermotor Driving / Stalling / 26 minutes / fullHD

  280 Coins  

It's really incredible how patient can be a mature lady. With violent attempts she wants to start her old Fiat 600 car. The engine spits and stutters, but stalls again and again. But she does not give up and she tries it over and over again. Enjoy an almost half hour adventure of cranking and pedalpumping.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Pumps / 27 minutes / fullHD

  280 Coins  

200 Coins        
My parents are both out but they knew that one of them had to take me to my friends! The time is ticking, so I tell my friend I am unable to come before I spot my mum left the keys in her car. I couldn't really streal my mums car, could I? I mean, I can't even drive stick! I climb into the car and attempt to teach myself to drive, with alot of stalling, near stalls, pedal pumping I manage to get off... just. when I get back into the car to go home before my parents get back, it doesn't start up. I dont understand, it's not until I figure out that the light means no petrol! Luckily my mum keeps a can in the boot - but this time, its empty! It's enough to just about start the car but it grinds to a halt again and I begin to worry if the car will start before it gets a flat battery.

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Socks / Barefoot / Sneakers / HD

160 Coins        
It's early morning and I'm beginning to regret offering to work on my day off but Ive been late so much recently, I have to try and get back into my bosses good books before I get fired. It's been cold and wet lately, so I figure my old rusty car is going to need some attention to get it started, so I pump the gas pedal and play with the choke. After all that pumping in boots my feet are getting super hot, so I take off my leather boots and continue my struggles barefoot. That is until I get a better offer!

Pedal Pumping / Cranking / Boots / Barefoot / HD

On the way to work the old Fiat suddenly dies in the middle of the road. She has no chance. A farmer tows the car to the car service. It is patched up barely. But will it really reach into the city. Very soon the car stops again at a crossroads. Again, the cranking and pedalpumping torture begins.

Pedalpumping / Cranking / Revving / Driving / 23 minutes / fullHD

  250 Coins