Bella Italia 2

After a hard Kickstart Workout in the morning she is on the way to a lake for swimming. At a lonely field road she stops for a little girls break. The engine is still hot, but impossible to start again. Later, somehow she arrives at the lake. She is alone, it's a secret place, everything seems to be fine... but then it happens: A Stalker steals all her clothes while she is swimming. When she comes back, she realizes, that she is in big trouble. She wants to leave this place as soon as possible, but the Vespa is stubborn as usual. You watch that scenery from the stalker's point of view, who observes her from a hidden place. She kicks the kickstarter again and again... Will she get out of here? 

Kickstart / Revving / Driving / Barefoot / Open Sandals / POV / 15 minutes / fullHD

  230 Coins